Color: Rose Quartz

Sku: 20145-0001
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The Crystal Collection Eye Pillows are pure bliss during restorative yoga, before bed, or after long periods of screentime. Ground down and sink into stillness by infusing your savasana with love, power, calm, and ease. Made with organic wheat berry, rose quartz/amethyst/clear quartz/jade gemstones, and a lavender fill, these eye pillows help naturally cool the face, soothes dry eyes and relaxes both body and mind. Each crystal eye pillow is packaged in a crystal specific box, outlining the benefits of the individual crystal inside. Infuse your savasana with love.

  • Made with organic wheat berry and Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, or Jade gemstones
  • Filled with relaxing lavender 
  • Soft silk cover
  • Naturally cools the face, soothes dry eyes and relaxes the body and mind
  • Option to heat for ultimate relaxation

Benefits of Rose Quartz: This is the stone of unconditional love and is associated with the heart chakra. Use this eye pillow to infuse your savasana with love. 

Benefits of Amethyst: Amethyst is known to be a protective stone linked to the crown chakra. Removing negative thoughts and purifying the mind to rid one of darkness when used during meditation and rest. Use this eye pillow to purify your time in savasana.  

Benefits of Clear Quartz: Known for having a “memory”, quartz crystal holds on to and amplifies what you manifest. Helping cleanse and navigate headspace, use this stone to clear the mind for new and growing intentions.

Benefits of Jade: Known to enhance energy, courage, and bravery, Jade connects and resonates with the heart chakra, the energy center. Looking to avoid dips in energy or declines in your courageous spirit? Jade is the gemstone for you.

Measurements: 8" x 5"

Materials: Eye pillow cover: 100% silk, Eye pillow casing: 100% cotton. Filling: lavender, organic wheat berry and selected stone. 

Care Instructions: Remove cover. Wash in cold water and hang to dry. Tip - to reinvigorate the sensational lavender scent, simply massage the pillow in your hands.

Heating instructions: Remove cover & set aside. Lay the pillow as flat as possible on turntable and heat in 30-second intervals until you reach your desired temperature. Shake pillow between intervals for even heating. Test temperature on the back of the hand or forearm before placing it on the neck or face. Do not overheat.

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