Man and woman hitting pickleball with paddles


The Fila Pickleball Starter Set has everything you need to get your game on. The kit includes two wooden paddles, two outdoor pickleballs and a mesh bag to conveniently carry to the court.

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FILA Products

Your physical activity is as unique as you are. Whether you are looking for goods to enhance your fitness routine, support your sports performance, or aid in your workout recovery, GetACTV offers a variety of FILA products for you.

FILA Fitness Products
Whatever your workout, FILA has you covered.
  • Build up your home gym with weights, jump ropes, step decks, and core accessories. Stay hydrated throughout your cardio sessions with stainless steel water bottles and carry your personal items in a belt while you are out for a run. Support your body with compression sleeves, and when it is time to slow down, roll out your mat to stretch with resistance bands.
  • FILA is there through it all—while you work out, strengthen, run, jog, and restore.
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FILA Boxing Products
Step up your offensive and defensive game.
  • FILA boxing products are designed for various disciplines—from boxing, kickboxing, and MMA, to taekwondo, karate, sparring, and many other practices. FILA boxing gloves and punch mitts are made with heavy-duty materials and high-quality construction for ultimate protection and longevity.
  • Perfect for all levels: beginners, pros, and anyone in between.
  • Browse these and many more items in FILA Boxing.

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FILA designs products with durability and comfort in mind, offering a broad range of options for different sports and physical activities. From cardio, strength conditioning, and stretching to boxing, martial arts, pickleball, and more—there is something to keep you active!
No matter your athletic level, type of workout, or training style, FILA gets you. Browse FILA products online with GetACTV today!