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Weight: 4kg

Sku: 07-71741
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The ViPR® Pro will incorporate movement and strength training to your next total body workout. These weights offer loaded movement training patterns to help increase functional mobility and agility during your workouts, while also improving multi-directional stability, power, and strength. Increase your calorie burn today even after you're finished working out and enhance your balance with the ViPR® Pro. Available in weights ranging from 4 to 20kg, sold individually.

Materials: Rubber

Weights are sold in kilograms. The conversions to pounds are below.

ITEM # Kilograms Pounds Color
07-71741 4 kg 8.8185 lb Yellow
07-71742 6 kg 13.2277 lb Grey
07-71743 8 kg 17.6371 lb Orange
07-71744 10 kg 22.0462 lb Green
07-71745 12 kg 26.4555 lb Blue
07-71746 16 kg 35.2741 lb Red
07-71747 20 kg 44.0925 lb Black

Weights sold separately.