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Sku: SC-2
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With the SPRI Braided Xertube® you get the most out of resistance bands. The rope-like construction makes this the toughest tube in the resistance bands market. The handle not only provides comfort, but allows the four tubes to come through the connector independently, making the SPRI Braided Xertube® durable. All bands are sold individually and include two free downloadable exercise guides.

Braided Xertube® Features

Braided Xertube® Features:

  • 25% increases resistance compared to our original tubes
  • Created for dynamic, high-resistance exercises
  • Braided construction offers unmatched durability
  • Anchor to any secure object
  • Available in 5 resistance levels
  • Includes two downloadable exercise guides

Measurements: 50"L x 5" Handles.

Five color-coded resistances:

Resistance Level Weight Equivalent Color
Very Light 1 + / - 12.5lbs Yellow
Light 2 + / - 25lbs Green
Medium 3 + / - 37.5lbs Red
Heavy 4 + / - 50lbs Blue
Very Heavy 5 + / - 62.5lbs Purple

Sold individually

Braided Xertube Exercise Guide